Embodiment  coaching  serves  individuals  who  are  seeking transformation  in  their  personal  and  professional  lives.  The  one-on-one  coaching  spaces  help  you  generate  a  fundamental  shift  in  being that  can  generate  contentment  and  effectiveness  in  the  areas  that matter  to  you.  Shift  from  “What  are  you  doing? ”  to  “How  are  you being?”.   How  do  you  create  this  shift  in  being?  With  simple  and effective  exercises..




The image above shows a model on how your thoughts and words, your emotions and your body influence one another. I will be guiding you through breathing practices and movement practices, like poses and walking, to create awareness of how you hold your body and your thoughts. We will create longer term practices in order to establish new supporting habits.
If you have any questions or want to arrange a free initial conversation about embodiment coaching, feel free to contact: info@jolandaelzinga.com. Or read more on the page Embodiment Coaching.